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Vaphit X stem
Vaphit X stem
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Vaphit X stem
Vaphit X stem
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Vaphit X stem

stainless steel material / X carbhole/ 10# and 14# male joint mouthpiece


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Vaphit X stem has an "X" carbhole and has a mouthpiece which has 10/14mm M/male joint using for bubbler,also it allow loading quartz balls to cool down the steam,

Package includes : 

1 X ss stem

1 X 10-PACK of 6.5mm*1.2mm

1 X 10-PACK of 7.0mm*1.2mm

1 X 10-PACK of 7.5mm*1.2mm

1 X 5-PACK SS screen

1 X 20-PACK of quartz ball for cooling vapor

 1 X ruby star for steam going through stem better 

1 X clean brush