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How to Use the Vaphit X3 Triple Adapter
04.19.2022 | vaphit | Vaphit BLOG

Why do so many people choose Dynavap vaporizer?

  • "CLICK"design, no need battery to power, what u need is just a flame like ciga lighter to heat it, no need wait for charging battery like other vapes.
  • "Pen-size" ,The Dynavap features a mini pen-size,can conviently take anywhere
  • "No Smell",Dynavap vape is made of high quality materials,like stainless steel, titanium or wood material,there is not any plastic to be used,while many vaporizers on market use cheap plastic which doesn't hold high temperature.
  • "Taste",Dynavap vape delivers very smooth, clean and powerful hits.
  • "Easy to Clean",Being the way it’s built, the Dynavap is very simple to clean. Allowing you to open it apart in 4 ways, you won’t find it difficult at all cleaning this device

Who need a Vaphit X3 Triple Adapter ?

Each heat,you can have 1-2 hits,then need reheat it before a second puff ,if you want a bigger vapor and heavier hit at one time,then the Vaphit X3 Triple Adapter is your choice.

How to use the X3 Triple Adapter?

1.You can directly connect the X3 Triple Adapter with any stem (including metal stem or glass stem),it is easyest way to use .

2.You can also use Glass WPA +X3 triple adapter + Glass bubbler.

Once you use a glass bubbler,then the vapor hits are cooler and smoother